How to order:

  • Submit your order here on our design studio, get an old fashioned quote here  or email us at to get started
  • We usually get back to all orders/quote request within 3-4 hours, but just to be safe give us 24 hours.
  • What do you need to send us to get started?
    • First time ordering t-shirts before? Click here for some simple guidelines on how it works
    • Want to use our online design studio to design your order?
    • Kind know what you’re doing and just want to email us the order? Cool, this is what we need:
      1. Styles of garments you’re interested in i.e. short sleeve Bella Canvas, or long sleeve comfort color with no pocket, or a Pacific 404M hat. Visit here to see all of our different options of garments for your order. Not really sure what style garments best fits your budget? Our team will find you the perfect match for your order. 
      2. The design you want to have printed/embroidered onto the garment. Is it a front and back print? Just front? Left chest and full back? Don’t have what you want exactly, but just an idea? Our artwork is included in our price so we have got you covered. Just include the idea for your design in the email/quote form and our designers will get you a beautiful proof back within 24-48 hours. The more details, examples, and pictures you can provide the better! Use our design studio to show us exactly what you had in mind. All orders require approval of proof prior to production.
      3. Sizes you would like to order and how many of every size. Not sure the exact quantities and just need to get a price quote? Just send over an estimate of how many you think you’ll need and we will get it started.
      4. Estimated time schedule of when you would need this order. We guarantee a 12 business day turnaround, but most of our orders are ready to ship/pick up within 10 business days of placing your order. If you have a hard ‘in hands’ date please let us know so that we can ensure the order is fulfilled on time. If you have to have an order guaranteed quicker than 12 business days please see our rush policy here
  • Once we receive your quote request or email we start the process of processing your order.
    1. We email you a quote for the estimated cost of your order. 
    2. We get started on your artwork. Give our team of designers 24-48 hours to work you up a beautiful proof.
    3. Once we get confirmation on the proof and quote we order the garments. If there are any garments out of stock we will immediately notify you with options to move forward. We do not backorder any items that are under our order minimum per design – 12pcs.
    4. Once we receive confirmation of the proof and quote we cannot add any sizes to the order
    5. Once we receive the garments we count them and check them. At this point we already have approval of proof and just need to decorate the garments.
    6. Once the order is printed we will notify you that your order has shipped or is ready for pick up.
  • Once an order moves into production please allow up to 12 business days to ship the order
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Turnaround time:

  • Standard 12 business day turnaround time from approval of your artwork/submission of sizes, brand, and colors of garments, and payment for order
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  • Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll get you a free proof back by this time tomorrow.
  • Our designers are fast. We won’t let your artwork hold up your order.
  • Not sure what you want exactly? Check out some our designs and prints here
  • All artwork is included in the price. Don’t stress about not having your design in a ‘print ready’ file.
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  • Tired of not knowing what products are out there? Having a design idea but not exactly sure what it will look like? 
  • Use our online design studio to design your next order.