Our story in our embroidery division is the foundation of our story as a company. It all started back in 2007 when Robin’s sons all played youth sports – mainly travel baseball – and every year it was always a constant struggle to get the teams’ uniforms, hats, bags, and spirit wear in a timely fashion or at an affordable price.

Seeing an opportunity not to really start a business, but, instead help provide her sons’ teams with a quality, affordable, and timely service to help all the parents have one less headache, Robin decided to get a small, single head machine. Once she got the machine, though, the snowball effect took over and soon enough Robin had created a business.

Through the years, as we have grown beyond Robin’s dreams back in 2007, we have maintained the roots of how we got started – to provide a reliable, high quality, and affordable service so parents have one less thing to worry about.

“5Boys are the absolute best . They really go above and beyond expectations!!!! I feel like family instead of a customer!! Thanks ladies!” -Christina Riley

How it works:

We start by getting a design. We’ve developed this process throughout the years to make it as easy as possible for everyone. You can either work with our graphic designers to have them make you up a design, create one yourself in our design lab, or you can send us one you already have made via email and let us fix it up for you! Next our team of designers analyzes every submission to make sure every detail you envisioned will work just the way you envisioned it turning out. After this we will email you the final copy of the design to get your approval. Once we receive your items from our vendors (or if you drop them off) we then go into the production process of stitching your items! Your items are then trimmed to ensure the highest quality and to make sure no loose ends of threads are hanging off. Each order is then checked for quality by our production manager before being folded and boxed. Each box is checked again by our production manager and signed off to ensure no items are missing. Once your item is boxed we will either ship the order straight to you or you can come pick it up from our shop! Whichever is easier for you!