Our screen printing division started the same way our company started – Robin saw the lack of service being provided and she knew she could help fill the gap. She brought on one of her sons, Eric, to head the production and from there the division has grown into its own production building.

“I love 5boys! I can not say enough about their customer service and the many quality products I have received over the years! Go see them for all of your monogramming,embroidery and screen printing needs!” -Danielle Roderick

We have provided local teams, organizations, schools, churches, and so much more with high quality craftsmanship and timely turn around time on every order. The process is easy whether you have the items or you need us to order them for you as well competitively priced. Unlike many of our peers we do not charge a setup charge per screen nor do we charge hidden fee’s such as $.50 drying fee per item. We pride ourselves in being able to continually provide our customers with an exceptionally fast turn around time of 10-14 days or less!

Since 2010 we have prided ourselves on our screen printing quality, turn around time, and our designs – all while continuing to improve our system to always improve our service. Please feel free to call us at 256-690-2261 or email us at 5boy.sp@gmail.com to talk with someone about starting your order!


Our processes and care to each order ensure that each and every order is the highest quality. Our inks and machines are the highest quality that – along with our employees- create the highest quality items. We flash dry each item along with placing them through another dryer after to ensure that the ink does not crack after the first wash. We also don’t outsource any of items and we are able to control the quality of the printing we provide our customers. Each and every item is checked multiple times to make sure our standard of quality passes the test every time.


We understand how important a quick and reliable service is to you and therefor we hold ourselves to the highest standard in providing you just that. We always provide the turnaround we quoted – otherwise we wouldn’t of taken on the job. We have been on the other side when items have taken forever to get done and not getting done by deadlines and we understand how frustrating that is. We will always give you a turnaround time of 7-10 days and we will always communicate with you immediately with a solution if anything changes.

How it works:

We start by getting a design. We’ve developed this process throughout the years to make it as easy as possible for everyone. You can either work with our graphic designers to have them make you up a design, create one yourself in our design lab, or you can send us one you already have made via email and let us fix it up for you! Next our team of designers analyzes every submission to make sure every detail you envisioned will work just the way you envisioned it turning out. After this we separate every color of the design into separate screens and get them ready for print. Once you give the go-ahead on the design your order then moves into production. Each screen then gets the ink and our printers apply each color in great detail. The use of our flash dryer on each and every shirt guarantees high quality that doesn’t fade. The finished product is dried at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 seconds on one of our conveyor dryers. This process makes for a thorough and even curing of the ink to the fabric, which ensures your design won’t crack, fade, peel, or wash off. Each order is then checked for quality by our production manager before being flooding and boxed. Once your item is boxed we will either ship the order straight to you or you can come pick it up from our shop! Whichever is easier for you!