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Superior Service

We define superior service as a combination of both tangible and intangible characteristics that separates us from our competitors. Our superior service starts with tangible things that you can measure such as our turn around time on items, our price compared to our peers, and the quality of our craftsmanship.

Each of these measurable characteristics and more have helped us grow into who we are today as a company, but we believe the true separation in our service compared to our peers is that in intangible things such as the care we provide each individual order, the constant and friendly communication with our customers, and a simple, genuine “thank you for your business” with a smile.

At 5Boys we hold ourselves accountable to provide Superior Service to every customer, every time because as Robin likes to say, “when you don’t know which order will be your last you start to learn to appreciate each and everyone.”

Many times it’s not what you do or how you do it that ensures you’re strategy will be a success, but instead the why behind it that ensures you’ll stick through it and see it to become a success. This stands true in our promise to deliver our Superior Service each and every time.

5Boys was started by Robin because some of her 5 boys were playing travel baseball and they could never get their team apparel on time and reliably. So Robin decided to start filling in the gap to provide her sons’ teams with on time team apparel and from there the business expanded. But just as any business faces difficult times, the first years Robin likes to say, “when you don’t know where you’re next order is coming from you learn to treat each and every order with care and dedication like it’s your last one.”

This simple philosophy has carried over and driven 5Boys culture. This philosophy has shaped a culture that holds itself accountable to provide the superior service that got 5Boys through all those beginning years.

Superior Service Guarantee

We guarantee to provide each and every customer with the turn around time quoted to them, the attention and care they deserve for entrusting us with their business, and a satisfaction when they receive their order

[vc_blockquote_2 title=”Robin”]When you don’t know which order will be your last you start to learn to appreciate each and everyone.[/vc_blockquote_2]