We provide a superior service that can’t be matched in terms of customer service, quality, price, and so much more that we pride ourselves on providing to each and every customer. Head over to our superior service page to learn more about how exactly we define superior service!


We are a small business built on a foundation of growing our business by providing every single customer with the care and dedication like their order may be our last order (because when we first started we never knew which order would be our last!). We don’t care if your item is one item or a 100 items each of them are equally important to us and our business. We strive to provide our customers with constant communication throughout every step of the order and we work with you to create exactly what you want. We are a small, family owned business and we appreciate your business and it’s our goal to keep it.


We understand how important getting your items on time is to you and providing you with your items in the time we quoted you is important to us. If we can’t get your items done in timely manner and in the time we quote you then we won’t take the order just to take it and then miss our deadline. We’ve worked with countless customers that have been in a tight time crunch and we have provided them their items when no one else was able to do the job. Providing a quick and reliable turnaround time is a pillar in which our business in built upon!


We are able to provide real competitive pricing because our low overhead cost and our ability to keep our other cost low. Combining this discipline with our ability to order from a diverse group of vendors allows us to offer a competitive pricing with unbeatable high quality. We also offer different pricing breaks and pricing packages for you to be able to provide the best possible pricing.


We provide our customers with superior quality screen printing and embroidery service from the bottom up. Our manufacturing processes are done with care and patience then checked multiple times to ensure the highest quality on each and every order. We do not outsource any of our orders and therefor have control over all of the quality of our items. Our items are made here in our own shops and quality is always superior!


Working with us is a very a simple and painless process that lets you complete your orders in the way in which you prefer. We offer many different forms of communication including online, email, phone, coming by our shop, and texting. But most of all we off personal communication and a personal service that truly creates a difference.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]